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A Note on Gay and Lesbian Marriage

Today, the Supreme Court will likely not approve the legalization of same-sex marriage on a national basis. And that’s okay.

Proponents of LGBT marriage and their critics within the LGBT movement are often at each other’s throats. But I have a proposal for them to stop kamikaze attacking each other and instead unite for a common cause:

1) We all agree that same-sex marriage should be legal;
2) We all know and understand that this will happen eventually, and probably pretty soon;
3) We all know that until it does, there will be an unprecedented opportunity to highlight LGBT issues related to same-sex marriage; and therefore,
4) we all agree that, moving forward, as many links as possible should be drawn to other social justice movements that affect our communities. For example, for single-payer health care. For transgender rights. For ending the prison industrial complex. For all the things that we want. We want people to be talking about things, because the fight doesn’t end with same sex marriage; it only begins…


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This is an election year. Everything is at stake. There will be many more attempts like The 99% Spring to come. The 1% have no intention of funding a movement that actually poses a threat to their power. They seek to manage social movements via foundations thru resource allocation, top-down structures, and co-opting language. In the past this strategy has proven effective at dividing, conquering, and integrating movements into respectable forms of activism, and it’s starting to take hold… We have realized our collective power, and we must not be pacified!
Marisa Holmes, Occupy Gazette #4


In the painful tumult of daily protests, an entire generation of Québécois youth is learning a political lesson no class would ever teach: violence underlies all of society’s inequalities, and power doesn’t yield an inch without a fight.