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Have you heard about the Race War? It’s being censored by the media, but maybe you caught the news on Rush Limbaugh’s show — “In Obama’s America, the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering” — or The O’Reilly Factor, or on the front page of the Drudge Report, or in Thomas Sowell’s nationally-syndicated column, or on one of many blogs, like the Daily Caller.
Max Read, "Are You Prepared for the Race War?", Gawker, 5/23/12


Our response to any attention from heterosexuals should be the same as homosexuals throughout time have known instinctively, but that visions of political relevance have led us to forget. Smile when spoken to; keep opinions about real people under your breath and effect not to have them–hoping one day you won’t. When asked to mix in with the real world, compliment its dress and make jokes with its wives; agree when you are being insulted and feign delight when you receive patronizing compliments from heterosexuals; finally, thank them for allowing us a seat at their national table, then bat your eyes and look the other way as the bill comes.
Taylor Black, “Have You Ever Seen an Asshole?”, 5/10/12,


What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? A pitbull is delicious.
US Pres Barack Obama at White House Press Corps Dinner