You might think your circumstances will be different. So did I. There’s a little fable from Kafka, appropriately called “A Little Fable,” that speaks to why this was very stupid:

"Alas," said the mouse, "the world gets smaller every day. At first it was so wide that I ran along and was happy to see walls appearing to my right and left, but these high walls converged so quickly that I’m already in the last room, and there in the corner is the trap into which I must run."

"But you’ve only got to run the other way," said the cat, and ate it.

The mouse wasn’t going in the wrong direction so much as it was walking cat food the entire time. A graduate career is just like this, only worse, because “A Little Fable” lasts three sentences and is made up, while graduate school lasts at least six years and will ruin your life in a very real way. But, as in the fable, this ruin is predestined, and completely unrelated to how “right” you do things.

Rebecca Schuman, "Thesis Hatement", Slate

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Before my son came out to me as gay, I’ll admit that, while I didn’t think about the issue of gay rights very much, it was not something I supported. If anything, my own stance on the issue was probably influenced by a faith-based approach rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

A Note on Gay and Lesbian Marriage

Today, the Supreme Court will likely not approve the legalization of same-sex marriage on a national basis. And that’s okay.

Proponents of LGBT marriage and their critics within the LGBT movement are often at each other’s throats. But I have a proposal for them to stop kamikaze attacking each other and instead unite for a common cause:

1) We all agree that same-sex marriage should be legal;
2) We all know and understand that this will happen eventually, and probably pretty soon;
3) We all know that until it does, there will be an unprecedented opportunity to highlight LGBT issues related to same-sex marriage; and therefore,
4) we all agree that, moving forward, as many links as possible should be drawn to other social justice movements that affect our communities. For example, for single-payer health care. For transgender rights. For ending the prison industrial complex. For all the things that we want. We want people to be talking about things, because the fight doesn’t end with same sex marriage; it only begins…


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